Online Art Auction


Event Details 

The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico is hosting a virtual art auction to allow people the one-time opportunity to purchase a piece from the CFSNM art collection.

Click Here for the Online Auction


Bidding Instructions

If you would like to participate in bidding you must register with our online auction site.

Bid increments must be $5.00 (minimum) more than the previous bidder. 


Win-It-Now Option:

If a bidder would like to avoid the incremental bidding style to simply purchase a piece for sale, they can purchase the piece at the “Win-It-Now” set price. This “Win-It-Now” price will be listed on each catalog auction piece.  Click the purple “Win-It-Now” button if you would like to purchase a piece right away!

Click here to visit to the Online Auction Sign-In Web Page


Registered Account Users: 

If you have an account click the link directly above and enter in your login information to view your previous bids and make new bids.


Registration Instructions:

  • If you don’t have an account you will need to make one
  • Where it states “Don’t have an account yet?” click “Request account”
  • Enter your information into the form and click the “Request Account” button once you are complete
  • If your information is correctly submitted you will view the following message: “Success! Just one more step…We’ve sent you an email. Please follow the instructions in that email to create your account. If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.”
  • You should receive an email invitation from “Terra Winter via ReadySetAuction” containing a link to further create your account
  • Click the “Create Account” button
  • You will be directed to a new web page where once you enter in your information and accept the terms and conditions you click the “Create Account” button
  • You are now registered. Good luck and happy bidding!




Art Collection 

  1. Untitled by Lester Hughes–SOLD
  2. New Day Rising by Betty Hummer
  3. His Brother’s Keeper by Betty Hummer–SOLD
  4. Texas Blue Bonnets & Lilacs by Darlene Hungate
  5. Motherhood Reality by Amanda Jaffe–SOLD
  6. Spring Blossoms at Cloride, NM by Wilma Lomastro–SOLD
  7. Little Yellow Cactus Flowers by Wilma Lomastro–SOLD
  8. El Indio by Rudy Montoya–SOLD
  9. Mujer & Hombre by Eduardo Morales–SOLD
  10. Blue Lagoon by Burt Rawlings
  11. Irrigation Time by Ginny Reynolds
  12. Lauristan Place, April 1968 by Sally Ritter
  13. The Blacksmith Shop by Norman Rockwell–SOLD
  14. Black Range by Bill Stevens
  15. La Fete A L’At Elier & On Ne Voit Pas Le Temps Passer by Michael Voit
  16. Pansy Power by Sally Wheat
  17. Abandoned by Helmut Zander
  18. Little Girl in Fiesta by Nobuko Bassett
  19. Vista de Oro by Sheila Duffy
  20. Old Sante Fe by Elizabeth Hawk
  21. La Bonita by Betty Hummer
  22. Playtime by Ginny Reynolds
  23. Yuccas by Ginny Reynolds
  24. Raggedy Ann and Andy by Ginny Reynolds
  25. Untitled by Elsie Sedgwick