The Art of Brunch


You’re invited! 

The Community Foundation’s Art of Brunch event is a one-time occasion where we invite the public to come view and bid on some of our permanent art collection pieces. Select pieces from this collection will be curated at the CFSNM office, but the rest will be up for sale to benefit our mission based operations, including the 37 non-profit partners we serve. Each guest registered, along with any additional donations, is allowing your Community Foundation to better improve the quality of life in southern New Mexico.


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Event Details

Approximately 100 pieces of art will be available to purchase through our silent, live, and online auctions at the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico’s The Art of Brunch event. This event is different than the weekend art sale held last December, as the art pieces featured in this collection hold more value than the collection previously sold and donated to our non-profit partners. The Art of Brunch auction is scheduled for Sunday, April 8 from 11:00am to 2:00pm at 390 Calle de Alegra (formerly the First Step Pediatrics and La Clinica de Familia building.)


Tickets: $25 a person

To attend The Art of Brunch you must purchase a ticket to be listed on our guest list. There are no physical tickets, but guests will pay for event entry, which includes the following:

-Opportunity to partake in live and silent auctions for the chance to own art from the CFSNM permanent art collection

-Opportunity to view online art auction pieces and bid on those pieces in person

-Option to eat from our brunch fare, which  will include quiche, veggies, fruit, and more delicious treats

-1 courtesy mimosa from the featured mimosa bar

Visit our Ticket Page to register as guest online!

Feel free to come by our office if you would like to pay in cash or check.


Live Auction:

The live auction will take place throughout the event with 32 pieces up for bid in 3 different bid groups.

Each lot (art piece) will be described by our auctioneer, Marisa Sage.

Each bid group will take place approximately 30 minutes.


Collection Preview:

Throughout the Art of Brunch if you would like preview the pieces and bid groups being auctioned off you can visit our live auction preview room, located right next to the live auction room.

Keep a look out for specific bid group information, as some of the art will featured here on our CFSNM website and on our Facebook Event Page (link above).



As guests arrive and check in they will be asked if they would like to participate in the live auction. Guests who want to participate will be given a paddle and assigned a bid number to use for bidding.

To  bid, raise your bid number until you are identified by one of our spotters. The highest bidder wins!  


Silent Auction:

The silent auction will begin at 11:00am and will end at 1:45pm. The silent auction collection will be displayed throughout the main hallways at the event building.



You may bid on as many art pieces as you wish by writing your name, phone number and bid amount on the lines indicated on the bid sheet. Please print legibly.

Bid increments must be $5.00 (minimum) more than the previous bidder. 

You may bid on silent auction art pieces up until the final closing.  The highest bidder wins!


Win-It-Now Option:

If a guest would like to avoid the incremental bidding style to simply purchase a piece for sale, they can purchase the piece at the “Win-It-Now” set price. This “Win-It-Now” price will be listed on each silent auction bid sheet. To “Win-It-Now” find a CFSNM representative for assistance, at the event.


Online Auction:

From Sunday, April 8 at 11:00am to Monday, May 21 at 9:00pm

Select pieces will be available to bid on a national scale through our online art auction. No ticket purchase is necessary to partake in bidding. For more information please check out our Online Art Auction web page.

Visit our Online Auction Page to bid!